Choosing a Tent for a Party

Planning a large event is no joke. Finding a venue to accommodate a lot of guests is not easy. This is why most party organizers suggest choosing an outdoor venue and setting up a tent. The party tent will provide an intimate setting for a large number of guests and ensure that they are protected from the elements. A party hire in Perth is the best option for you to supply essential party needs including a large tent.

Before you rent a tent from a party hire in Perth, it is important to sort out the following details first:

Tent Location

It is important to know where you intend to set up your tent for the party. Aside from determining the venue, you must know what type of topography you are dealing with. Will the tent be set up on a grass or paved surface? Depending on the type of surface you are dealing with, you will select a tent accordingly.

Use frame tents when setting up over concrete flooring. But if you are going to have a party on a grassy and flat surface, use pole tents instead. Once you are able to decide which tent you need to use, you can now begin the process of choosing which party rental company to hire.

Space Needed to Cover

After you identify the type of surface you need to set up a tent for, the next step is to know the total area you need to cover. The total surface area is vital as you will use that to determine the appropriate size of tent you need. In addition, frame tents take up less space as compared to pole tents. Therefore, you have to take that into consideration when deciding which tent to use.

Venue Setup

With the knowledge on the type of surface you are working with and the available space, you can now begin to think about the interior setup. The advantage of using frame tents is that they do not require a center pole to stay up. This will free up space in the middle of the tent, which you can use to set up more tables or as center ballroom area for the event. In fact, frame tents are popular with weddings as they can use the space in the middle for the ballroom.

Number of Guests

This is a practical factor to look into when planning a party and more so when you are setting up an outdoor tent. Make sure that the tent is big enough to accommodate all of your guests. The number of guests and the space available for the venue factors you should consider side by side. You want to make sure that the tent not only covers your intended venue but can also accommodate all guests comfortably.


The cost of setting up a tent will vary from one party hire in Perth to another. Several factors determine the cost of the tent rental, which includes the type of fabric used on the tent, size and the type of tent.

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